WOW, a MUST for natural hair

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Let’s talk about hair because let’s be real… hair is important. More specifically, the health of our hair is important. It’s so easy to take our hair for granted but as we get older (I know, I’m not happy about it either), it’s easy to see why maintaining healthy hair is so important. 

I partnered with WOW and seriously, WOW. My hair has transformed.

*cue the singing angels*

My hair is shinier, my curls are bouncier and, overall, my entire head feels more moisturized than it has in sooo long. Which is SAD, tbh, because I didn’t even know what I was missing. But now there’s honestly no going back. 

The magic truly comes from within Wow’s unmatched formulas in both their apple cider vinegar shampoo and coconut and avocado oil conditioner. While the shampoo truly deep cleans for the most refreshing feeling EVER, the conditioner nourishes and moisturizes so you’re left with ultra clean hair that’s NOT dry and that’s so hard to achieve. Often, deep cleaning my hair strips all of the natural oils from my head which is a huge no-no if you want healthy hair. My attempts to truly break down days of product buildup results in dry, lackluster curls and a very sad me. Because of that, i would often “half clean” my hair to prevent it from drying out and it was a vicious (& gross if we’re being honest) cycle that I can happily say has officially been broken with WOW. 

I no longer have to sacrifice clean hair for healthy hair. Turns out, you can always have both and that is a serious game changer. Plus, WOW is doing it RIGHT with no parabens, sulfates, or silicones- only natural ingredients for hair that not only looks incredible but also feels incredible. Like I said… WOW.

Seriously.. wow.

The proof is in my curls. My luscious, bouncy curls. And I am so happy. Seriously, I’m at the stage of the relationship where you’re just obsessed and basically a stage 5 clinger because you’ve found something so wonderful and perfect for you. Yeah, I just equated my feelings about my shampoo & conditioner to a serious relationship. No shame. And with consistent results like these, It’s guaranteed I’ll be in that mushy honeymoon stage forever.

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