Okay, I didn’t actually have a date with TripAdvisor, but I did have a one-of-a-kind date thanks to TripAdvisor.

I know a lot of people use TripAdvisor for booking travel, myself included, but did you know there’s an entire section of TripAdvisor dedicated to booking amazing attractions right in your backyard?

If you did, great job. You’re winning at life. If you didn’t, fear not because I’m about to teach you the ways.

You’re welcome!

Forreal though, booking through TripAdvisor is super easy. You can quickly compare attractions, taking things like prices, days available, age restrictions, etc. all into consideration- within minutes, because they have it all right there for you. For my date night, I knew I wanted something that required a 30 Minute drive. Call me crazy, but getting out of LA sounded amazing. But also, I wanted just enough distance. I also didn’t wanna cry cuz traffic, ya feel me? AND I knew I wanted to take babe somewhere he’d never been, to do something he’d never experienced.

Alas, I chose the most ridiculous, hilariously entertaining outing in SoCal… Medieval Times, of course!!

Let’s be real here for a sec. Medieval Times is hilarious. You eat a meal with your hands (cuz Medieval, obvi) whilst being a spectator to a Knight tournament, hosted by a Queen.

The entire thing is a riot.

But obviously I wanted to make the most out of date night, which was no problem at all while booking with TripAdvisor. I was able to upgrade to VIP, because you gotta have the best seats in the house when you’re watching a Knight show.. duh.

Altogether, I’d say it was a success and that me and TripAdvisor definitely killed it. Babe and I had a good laugh and I didn’t have to stress about planning date night, because nobody has time for that.

So if you like FUN things that are FUN to book and FUN to experience, get on TripAdvisor right now and check out what’s available in your neighborhood. You guys deserve a night out.

How good do I look in my crown though?


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