& no, I’m not even kind of exaggerating.

Peace Out is a revolutionary beauty product; A total game changer. And my skin is proof.

((& the packaging is super cute too))

I received both the Peace Out Acne healing dots and the Peace Out Pores blackhead and pore strips, and like anybody else would be, I was skeptical. They’re literally stickers.

STICKERS. Like… I’m sorry, but what??

Well, GUESS WHAT GUYS, they actually freaking work. The Acne Healing Dots reduce the size of painful, red zits and the pore strips majorly shrink your pores, while removing dirt and oil and dead skin cells, and the results are right there when you take off the stickers after 6 hours. It sounds so gross, I know, but it literally sucks the gunk out of your face.

What I love about Peace Out is that these stickers don’t dry out your face like most spot creams, leaving a nasty scab that’s even more noticeable than the original blemish, and the results aren’t temporary like most blackhead strips. It actually HEALS, while preserving your skin, and it’s so easy to use because you can stick it overnight and let the medicated stickers do the rest while you get your beauty sleep. AMEN.

Snap while you stick? I’m here for it.

Okay, I didn’t want to have to do this, but prepare to see the sticker after it was removed from my zit.

That white spot is what it sucked out OF MY FACE & I honestly can’t believe I just put it out there on the internet, but whatever because THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

You guys… It’s good. Real good.

You also can buy these at your local beauty heaven AKA Sephora. Can’t wait for you to try it for yourself!!

Shop Peace Out

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