Back at it again with another restaurant recommendation… you are welcome.

I had the pleasure of visiting Plate & Petal and I’m not even sure that words can really appropriately describe just how awesome this Glendale spot it, so luckily I got so many pictures to give you a peek inside, and preview what’s available on their menu. It wasn’t hard, tbh. The place is pretty damn instagram-able. Inside, there are tons of unbelievable desserts that are basically each their own work of art for you to drool over, plus there’s an outside seating patio with the cutest decor, so yeah, it’s super easy to blow up your feed with pics of this place.

Photo May 17, 2 48 45 PMPhoto May 17, 3 24 46 PMPhoto May 17, 3 24 56 PMPhoto May 17, 3 25 14 PM







We started with the burrata appetizer and a couple of the most delicious iced teas.


Photo May 17, 2 49 55 PMPhoto May 17, 3 02 07 PMPhoto May 17, 3 01 03 PM

Seriously, so delicious. And don’t even get me started on that burrata. It is soooo good. If you’re addicted to cheese, this is an absolute must. If you like cheese just as much as the next person, it’s still an absolute must.

For the main, I opted for the Cubano sandwich because old habits die hard. Because I am very, very familiar with the art of crafting the perfect cubano sandwich, I knew this would be the ultimate test, but Plate & Petal passed with flying colors. And because the portions are so big, that the portions are so big, it allowed for the man & I to share everything really nicely so, overall, we were able to try more of the menu. WIN.

Photo May 17, 3 06 33 PMPhoto May 17, 3 06 21 PMPhoto May 17, 3 08 49 PMPhoto May 17, 3 19 05 PM

Yes, I ate that fry. And it was good.

Now, obviously, I was soooo anxious to try some of their incredible desserts. As I mentioned before, they’ve got a beautiful bakery inside, so you can pick what’s speaking to you right then and there.

Photo May 17, 3 24 13 PMPhoto May 17, 3 23 48 PMPhoto May 17, 3 24 38 PMPhoto May 17, 3 24 30 PMPhoto May 17, 3 24 55 PM

We opted for a selection of the macarons, plus a lil cakey cake, and I ended with some caffeine, and I could have been any happier. Honestly.

Photo May 17, 3 40 29 PMPhoto May 17, 3 48 17 PMPhoto May 17, 3 45 43 PMPhoto May 17, 3 36 26 PM

Okay, y’all. Now it’s time for you to get yours.

Here’s what you need to know about about visiting Plate & Petal. Can’t wait for you guys to experience it too!

Located at 216 N Orange St in Glendale. Open 7 days/week from 8:30 AM – 10 PM. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Peep their full menu here

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