Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts that are actually COOL!

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cool mom

Alright, guys, it’s time to stop procrastinating. It’s almost Mother’s Day, and you need a gift for the woman who birthed you. It’s the least you can do, tbh. She did give you life, after all. Now, if you’re still divided on what to get the most important woman in your life, I GOT YOU. As a mother, (GASP) I am officially your Go-To for Mother’s Day gifting ideas. You are welcome.

Let’s face it. Times have changed and now it’s pretty damn difficult to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It needs to say “thank you for changing my diapers and watching 18 years of my soccer games and basketball games and cross country meets and karate matches and choir and theatre performances, and lying to the attendance office at school and telling them I was sick cuz I was too busy with 6 hours of extracurriculars to study for that damn government test, and not having a heart attack when I told you I was moving to California instead of going to college, and then MOVING to California because you found out I was having a baby.”         …Awkward.

THE POINT IS that it needs to show some serious appreciation, but it also needs to be cool. It’s 2018, and there are waaaaay too many eco-friendly, socially-minded, and beautifully designed goods to just present mom with a card and some flowers, let’s be real. BUTMOTHER’S DAY IS IN 2 DAYS. HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO PULL THIS OFF?! Okay, first of all. You need to calm down. Yes, the clock IS ticking, but there is still time for you to not totally mess this up, and I’m here to help!

chrissy teigen cookbook

Cravings, by Chrissy Teigen:                              Ahhh, THE QUEEN, Chrissy Teigen. Let me tell you something. Cool moms love other cool moms. Therefore, your mom will love Chrissy Teigen. If your mother loves cooking or needs some help in the kitchen (don’t tell her that), and enjoys a little humor while she’s whipping up some “stoner food” or “drunken noodles,” then THIS is literally perfect. Available on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime members. Also available on Kindle for $12.99. 

because kids


“Because Kids” Wine Glasses, by Tekoware:                            More than anything, these quirky wine glasses are hilarious. Throw in a couple bottles of her favorite red and you’ve got a great gift that she’ll definitely appreciate. Because wine. Duh. Available on Amazon with free two-day shipping for Prime Members. 



UrPower Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser:      Yeahhhh, don’t worry. When I first saw this thing, I had no idea what it was either. Turns out, it’s not a funky vase. It’s actually an essential oil diffuser ultrasonic cool mist humidifier & and it’s all the rage. It does exactly what it says- fills the air with essential oils. Like a spa day, except it’s everyday, and your mom doesn’t even have to leave the house, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Available on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime Members.


bath bombs

Bath Bombs: Women love a good bath. If you’re a guy and questioning why on on God’s great Earth we, as women, would need to turn a regular bath into a psychedelic adventure, I really don’t have an explanation for you. It’s just a girly thing. So accept it and gift Mom with this deluxe gift set of assorted bath bombs, packed with moisturizing ingredients that smell absolutely incredible. And if you ARE a guy reading this, don’t knock it ’til you try it. Just saying. Available on Amazon with free two-day shipping for Prime Members. 

beauty dust


Beauty Dust, by Moon Juice:                                              An edible blend of superherbs & pearl to help mama “glow from within.” This powerful antioxidant preserves collagen protein in the body, enhances skin elasticity, and helps with stress management. Because it’s 2018, and advancements in health and beauty are LEGIT next-level, give your mom the hottest new beauty product that’s also totally natural and super cute, am I right? Available on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime Members. 

cocktail shaker


Premium Copper Parisian Cocktail Shaker, by VonShef:  For some crazy reason, cocktail-ing (?) has been primarily a man’s job. And maybe I just explained why that is when I said cocktail-ing, but the truth is women are natural masters when it comes to combining ingredients into deliciousness, so this shouldn’t be any different. Plus, it’s rose gold. Swooon.  Available on Amazon with free two-day shipping for Prime members.  


hp sprocket




HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer:            The future is real, y’all. Moms take pictures of literally EVERYTHING. It’s like built into their brains, or something, I swear. Now your mom can instantly print photos from their cellphones,  This is the best gift for that mom who is obsessed with snapping photos of her children and her grandchildren. Every. Single. Day. Really, I’m just describing my own mom, but this is seriously so cool! Honestly, I’m about to buy this for myself. Available on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime Members. 

yes to masks

YesTo Face Masks:                                                                                                                            So many amazing options! In fact, just buy them all for her. These are forever my absolute favorite, go-to face face masks, with a treatment for every skin concern in the book. They’re honestly incredible, plus they’re super cute, which makes it perfect to gift. Available on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime members. Also available at Target, Ulta, and your local drugstore or pharmacy. 




Kindle Paperwhite: You can never go wrong with Amazon’s best-selling Kindle. It reads just like paper, hence the name, and with Bookerly, an exclusive font created just for e-reading, the Kindle Paperwhite provides the most enhanced digital reading experience yet. A single charge lasts for weeks, so give your mom a gift that truly keeps on giving. Available on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime Members. 




And last, but definitely not least, there are some amazing options when it comes to subscription boxes. FabFitFun seasonal boxes deliver over $200 worth of products for just 40 dollars and with code SINEAD, you’ll get an additional DISCOUNT. Your mom will be shocked when she opens her box and discovers soooo many amazing beauty and lifestyle products. It’ll be like a dozen gifts, which is super cool. SHOP HERE.

Hopefully I’ve sparked your creativity and you can get to work on the perfect gift for your loving mother. Now, seriously. Get to work. Clock’s ticking again.

xo, S.



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