Your favorite summer trend is back

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At least it’s my favorite summer trend.

I’m talking about the Two-Piece, & it’s so hot rn (again). YAY!

I have so much two-piece action happening in my closet rn & I’ve never been happier. Something about a matching outfit really soothes my OCD. In the best way possible.

Today, it’s all about this new new from Boohoo. Two piece. Gingham. Need I say more?

Obviously, we know that gingham made a major comeback this year and I’m really hoping that it sticks around for a little while. To me, the pattern is classy, yet super cute, and it definitely makes for the perfect summer ‘fit.

Look, I’ll prove it. Here I am shopping for my summer garden

…Doesn’t everybody pose like this when they buy plants?

And here I am hanging out in my summer garden












Now, taking a lollipop break…













…Aaaaaand also being extra AF

Side Note: I really did eat the lollipop. Apparently, Instagram doesn’t believe that I did. But I did. And it was effing delicious.

ANYWAY… The best part about this set? Boohoo is super affordable, and that’s important when you have a shopping addiction. Not speaking from personal experience or anything, BUT affordability is key, and it becomes so worth it when you realize that this entire outfit can ALSO be separated and paired with some of your other favorite summer pieces.

I was never great at math but that’s basically like…. 47 outfits.

Alright, alright, stop reading this ridiculous blog, lol, and go snag this set



Xo, S.

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