One of my favorite fall sweaters is seemingly plain but I honestly can’t begin to tell you how flattering it is. Maybe it’s the mock neck or the actual PERFECT crop length (TRUST), but I get compliments on it all the time. & it’s literally a grey sweater. I guess that’s when you know you’ve found a keeper. Dressing casually can still look really good and will look really good when you’ve got the right pieces. The sweater is from NA-KD fashion, and you can shop their clothes with my code VRIES for 20% off their entire site:

I’ve worn this sweater with jeans, shorts, skirts, sweats, you name it.

Last week I paired it with a pair of black leggings, a velvet baseball cap (for subtle flair), & my new Adidas (for a pop of bright & also because duh).


I guess it comes down to the fact that my standards in fashion are based on how clothing makes me feel. If I feel good in my clothes, I wear them better. You know when you’re like ‘I could never pull that off.’ That’s because you know you’d be uncomfortable.

I’m most comfortable in sweats. LOL. It’s so true though. I can’t wear sweats everyday, obviously, so a “shabby chic” alternative is basically my style dream come true.


Go check out NA-KD for this sweater & so much amazing clothing. Don’t forget to grab your DISCOUNT with ‘VRIES‘ at checkout.

Leggings// Velvet Baseball Cap: FOREVER 21

With Cloudfoam Sneakers: Adidas

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