I’m here to gush about my newest beauty discovery. It comes in the form of 2 incredible, game changing products, & I honestly cannot believe it has taken me this long to experience the magik.

Behold. Your new skincare obsession…

The Better Skin Co.

You guys know I’m a sucker for good packaging & this one tops most.

Lava Magik: Cleanser • Scrub • Mask 

Scrubs are my favorite because nothing is more refreshing than deep cleaning your face. The feeling of freshly polished skin is sooo satisfying & when I use Lava Magik, I know my pores have been purged of the makeup, dirt, & oil that cream cleansers ALWAYS leave behind. For the first time, I don’t have to use a pore cleansing toner after I wash my face because this stuff actually works. Not to mention it also triples as a mask when your skin needs a little extra lovin. YES. YES. YES.


No joke, this moisturizer is a game changer. After the very first use, my skin was noticeably brighter & that, friendz, is how the obsession began. But Mirakle Cream not only brightens your skin, it also firms & tones while reducing redness from acne or irritation.

My skin is currently on another level. Some days, I feel like the beauty gods are on my side. Other days, however, I wake up with bumps & blemishes or dull, puffy skin. Sometimes all of the above. Late nights working, eating before bed, hormones… every weather change ever? It all affects the appearance of my skin. I don’t know when my face decided to develop its own personality (complete with mood swings) but that’s where I’m at, & it’s so frustrating to stay on top of my face. This cream makes a difference no matter what day it is, & that’s why I love it SO MUCH. It’s easy enough to wear all day, everyday, and my skin has NEVER felt greasy. I literally will not put a drop of makeup onto my face without first applying the Mirakle Cream because it’s skin brightening peptides make for an amazing primer. My makeup smooths on so nicely & since my skin is plumped & dewy, I have seriously not had as much of a need for a powder highlighter. Natural highlighter? Um, hello?! YES PLEASE.

Like I said, GAME CHANGER.

When I was gifted this kit from the skincare geniuses behind this seriously underrated company, I had a feeling I was about to discover my newest favorite product, & im sooo excited for you all to experience the Magik too.

Shop The Better Skin Co. & let me know what you guys think! Xo

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