I wear a lot of black.

It’s chic, it’s flattering, & most importantly, it’s universal. I can wear my favorite pair of black jeans with my Adidas & wear those same black jeans with heels. That’s my favorite kind of fashion- the kind that doesn’t require a lot of thinking.

(& by high heels, I mean boots. & by boots, I mean Adidas)

ANYWAY, My mom is always on me about bringing color into my life, & I’m trying. Not very hard, but I’m still trying. My go-to? Denim. It’s not exactly a “pop” of color, but it’s very ME.

I abuse these jeans. If I had my way and it wasn’t gross to wear the same pair of jeans over and over, I would totally wear these jeans every single day.  They sit above my belly button so you’ll often see me pairing them with a cropped tee, & they’re so skinny that they slide into a pair of thigh-high boots with ease, which is great when I need to hide the rips on the knees and dress them up. AND they’re 30 bucks from Forever 21.

There’s obviously nothing fancy about this outfit. It’s literally black jeans, black booties, a black tank, and a denim button-up (repurposed as a light jacket), so the accessories are important. I’m wearing a chain ring on one hand, a statement gemstone ring on the other, a choker, a long metal necklace, and a fishtail braid, because you can’t forget to do the ‘do. And voila! It looks like I tried a little bit, which for a Monday, which was when I wore this lil ‘fit, is good enough for me.

2 Replies to “Black is The New Black”

  1. your body your life you wear what you want it’s out inside that truly matters anyway. Your organic so growing is good when the season changes inside it will reflect on the outside.

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