Hot Diggity Dog! My kid is 1 year old.

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First thought: WHERE has the time gone? Second thought: PARTY.

Harrison has been OBSESSED with Disney Jr.’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since the first time he heard that Hot Dog Song. For his first birthday bash, I knew I had to deck out my house in ears and cheers, & to be honest, I had a lot of fun. Turns out, I like decorating. Who knew?

Also, Mickey Mouse is literally everywhere, so I didn’t have to try very hard.

Double Win.

I’d like to thank Mickey Mouse for choosing such a colorful outfit. It’s really easy to make black, white, yellow, & red look good. Really good.


 … Did you know they make edible cake stickers?

Mind. Blown.

I obviously had to wear my Mickey Mouse ears and, of course, they were a hit with my boy.


Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate, that’s one successful birthday bash in the bag.

Many more to come…


Recovery Mode: Activated.

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